Future Surge Fireside Conversation

Future Surge invites members and friends to join an online fireside conversation on the theme of “AI Disruption”.

This will take place on a voice channel in the Future Surge Discord.

It will start at 7pm UK time on Thursday 2nd March, and is likely to run for 45-60 minutes.

There’s no agenda, beyond the general topic of “AI Disruption”. Expect comments on:

  • What’s exciting about AI disruption
  • What’s dangerous about AI disruption
  • How can each of us take actions in anticipation of AI disruption
  • What changes in the social and political landscape may be needed
  • Practical steps forward.

There’s no nominated “expert” speaker: just the members and friends of Future Surge sharing ideas, as if we were all sitting around a virtual fireside.

You’ll be able to turn on your microphones and talk with other attendees. And if you’re comfortable, you can turn on your cameras too, to add a visual dimension to the conversation.

This will all happen in one of the voice channels on our Discord server. Once inside the server, look for the Events listing at the top of the channels list.

Information on joining the Discord is here.

Credit: The above image includes a design generated by Jason Geringer using Midjourney.

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