Future Surge

Revitalising the social and political landscape

Enabling a dramatically better future for all

Active transhumanism

Neither right nor left but up

Technology in service of sustainable superabundance

If you find yourself in agreement with some or all of the following worldview, take a look at our Connect page, to review ways of finding out more and possibly supporting our projects:

  • The next 10-20 years will be pivotal in human history
    • Change will be exponential rather than linear
    • Change will be combinatorial rather than isolated
    • Artificial intelligence is on the point of changing everything
    • It’s the same with other rapidly emerging technologies
  • The future starts now: we can’t put it off until later
    • It’s time to prepare for an accelerating transformational surge
    • We’re almost too late already
    • The outcome depends on us
  • A profoundly better future is within our grasp
    • A surge of creativity, diversity, security, liberty, enlightenment
    • Dramatically enhanced health, intelligence, and emotional and social wellbeing
    • Provided we take wise advantage of technological change
  • A much worse future awaits us, if we are distracted, confused, intimidated, or divided
    • A surge of irrationality, corruption, broken infrastructure, environmental chaos
    • A new dark age for all (or even worse)
    • Due to technology being misused and out-of-control
  • It’s time to take back control of technology
    • The development and deployment of fast-changing technologies needs to be guided by a powerful set of principles
    • Steering, acceleration, brakes – in the right combination at the right time
  • There’s no better future without a better present
    • Better vision, better roadmap, better education, better politics

You’ll find a longer version of the Future Surge Worldview here.

Future Surge is a registered political party, but is more than a political party:

  • Future Surge is a movement to revitalise the social and political landscape
  • Future Surge develops and highlights practical political policies
  • Future Surge supports candidates in political elections
  • Future Surge provides representatives for interviews and events
  • Other parties are encouraged to adopt our policies as their own
    • We don’t mind copy cats!
    • (Provided these policies are copied as priorities, not just as tick box items!)

Future Surge is a catalyst for wider change

  • A catalyst to prompt change in all political parties
  • A catalyst to revitalise the public discussion
  • A catalyst to uplift society’s priorities

Future Surge is targeting significant public impact by 2024

  • Supporting candidates in mayoral elections in the UK in 2024
  • Aiming to reach (as a first major milestone) 5% support in opinion polls “would you consider voting for this candidate?”
  • Gaining positive media attention
  • Putting our ideas in the forefront of public discussion

What’s next

Check out our Resources page, which lists resources to help you make sense of, and thrive, in a Future Surge world.

To consider becoming more involved with Future Surge, see our Connect page.

If you still have questions in your mind, take a look at our FAQ page, where you might find answers.

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