Frequently Asked Questions about Future Surge:

Q: What’s this all about? Where should I start?

A: Start with the Future Surge home page.

Q: What’s different about Future Surge, compared to other initiatives?

A: See What’s different about Future Surge?

Q: How can I keep track of news from Future Surge?

A: See How to Follow Future Surge

Q: Why are there lots of different logos on this site? They look a bit amateur

A: We’re still in an experimental phase. Older logos will be replaced by newer ones once we’ve reached a clearer consensus on what we like best.

Q: What are the ways to help Future Surge?

A: Here are some ideas for where you might become involved:

  • The Vital Syllabus educational project (more information here)
  • Reviewing and proposing amendments to Future Surge policies
  • Organising talks or panel appearances for Future Surge representatives – online or in physical venues
  • The Future Surge fundraising project (more information here) (pending)
  • The Future Surge mayoral candidacy signature collection project (more information here) (pending)
  • Help support and moderate the discussions in the Future Surge Discord (joining instructions are here)

Q: What’s all this “transhumanism” that is mentioned on your site?

A: See our page Transhumanism.

Q: Where did Future Surge come from? What’s the connection with the UK Transhumanist Party?

A: Future Surge started life in a previous form in 2015, as the UK Transhumanist Party, and has also been known as Transhumanist UK.

  • Assets from these older organisations are in the process of being selectively transferred into the new organisation
  • Other assets from these older organisations will be closed down.

The new name (Future Surge) and associated changes in emphasis are intended:

  • To connect more easily with many potential supporters who might at first be deterred by up-front wording such as “transhumanist”
  • To align with changes in public expectations, fears, and hopes
  • To help share our messages more widely in the run-up to elections in the UK in 2024

Q: Who is the intended readership of your website? Some parts seem difficult to understand.

A: The intended readership is the general public – anyone who might vote for Future Surge, or who might ask various social or political leaders to pay attention to our policies.

If parts of the website seem difficult to understand, please let us know. We may add terms to our Glossary (forthcoming), or change to simpler wording.

Q: How can a question be added to this FAQ?

A: Raise the idea in the #faq channel in our Discord.