This page suggests resources to help you make sense of, and thrive, in a Future Surge world.

The Vital Syllabus

The Vital Syllabus project is gathering an extensive set of materials covering a wide range of important skills and principles, as illustrated in this listing of the top-level areas covered.

The essential mottos of Vital Syllabus are:

  • Education fit for the new future
  • The most important skills and principles
  • Accessible, engaging, clear, focused, trustworthy

To discuss your experience with the Vital Syllabus, and to suggest new resources that should be added to it, visit the #vital-syllabus channel in the Future Surge Discord.

Highly recommended

Before diving headlong into the Vital Syllabus, another option is to review a smaller number of resources that are particularly suitable for people to orient themselves with the possibilities and opportunities of a Future Surge world:

  • The Singularity Principles – which covers:
    • The significance of the term “Singularity”
    • Why there is so much unhelpful confusion about the term “the Singularity”
    • A set of principles to steer humanity’s relationships with fast-changing technologies, manage multiple risks of disaster, enable the attainment of remarkable benefits, thereby, to help humanity approach a profoundly positive singularity
  • (See also this page which provides a single-page overview of the Singularity Principles)
  • Career advice:
    • Links to be added here shortly
  • More key recommendations:
    • Your suggestions are welcome here!

Recommended media

Our page of media partnerships provides links to many episodes and publications that are helpful and uplifting.

Personal connections

One of the best resources, to help us make sense of (and thrive) in a Future Surge world, is the community of people who have similar concerns and visions.

The Future Surge Discord, available via our Connect page, provides means for smaller subgroups of people to assist and inspire each other, via text and/or voice chat.

Associations with aligned objectives

The following associations and organisations have objectives and programmes that are, at least in part, aligned with those of Future Surge – namely campaigns, inspired by a transhumanist philosophy, to revitalise key aspects of the social and political infrastructure.

Click on the links for more information:

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