This page gives more details of the core thinking behind the Future Surge movement:

  • How we see the world (our “worldview”)
  • How we intend to be active (our “activism”)
  • The philosophy that guides us.

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The next 10-20 years will be pivotal in human history

  • Change will be exponential rather than linear
    • Slow, slow change will give way to fast, fast change
  • Change will be combinatorial rather than isolated
    • Surprises will be multiplied rather than just added
  • Artificial intelligence is on the point of changing everything
    • It’s the same with other rapidly emerging technologies
  • The outcome depends on us

The future starts now: we can’t put it off until later

  • Action is needed urgently
    • We’re almost too late already
  • It’s time to prepare for an accelerating transformational surge
    • It’s time to discern future options more clearly
    • It’s time to join and build a coalition of the willing

A profoundly better future is within our grasp

  • Provided we take wise advantage of technological change
  • Dramatically enhanced health, intelligence, and emotional and social wellbeing
    • Available to everyone, should they choose it
  • A surge of creativity, diversity, security, liberty, enlightenment
  • A sustainable superabundance
  • A “positive Singularity” (a change unlike anything that has happened before)

A much worse future awaits us, if we are distracted, confused, intimidated, or divided

  • Problems growing exponentially and combinatorially
  • Technology misused and out-of-control
    • More and more people left behind, alienated, misled, depressed, dehumanised
  • A surge of irrationality, corruption, broken infrastructure, environmental chaos
  • A new dark age for all (or even worse)
  • A “negative Singularity” (a change unlike anything that has happened before)

It’s time to take back control of technology

  • The development and deployment of fast-changing technologies needs to be guided by a powerful set of principles
    • These principles will make the difference between reaching a “positive singularity” and a “negative singularity”
    • We call these principles the “Singularity Principles”
  • These principles provide a whole system perspective
    • Transparency, Resilience, Verification, Vigilance
    • Agility, Accountability, Consensus, Diversity
    • Proactive risk management
  • Human oversight of cataclysmically disruptive technologies
    • Steering, acceleration, brakes – in the right combination at the right time

There’s no better future without a better present

  • There’s no better future without a better vision
  • There’s no better future without a better roadmap
  • There’s no better future without better education
  • There’s no better future without better politics

Future Surge activism

A registered political party, but more than a political party

  • Future Surge is a movement to revitalise the social and political landscape

Party political activism

  • Future Surge develops and highlights practical political policies
  • Future Surge supports candidates in political elections
  • Future Surge provides representatives for interviews and events
  • Other parties are encouraged to adopt our policies as their own
    • We don’t mind copy cats!
    • (Provided these policies are copied as priorities, not just as tick box items!)

A catalyst for wider change

  • A catalyst to prompt change in all political parties
  • A catalyst to revitalise the public discussion
  • A catalyst to uplift society’s priorities

Targeting significant public impact by 2024

  • Supporting candidates in mayoral elections in the UK in 2024
  • Aiming to reach (as a first major milestone) 5% support in opinion polls “would you consider voting for this candidate?”
  • Gaining positive media attention
  • Putting our ideas in the forefront of public discussion

Future Surge philosophy

Neither “right” nor “left” but “up”

  • Not only for more equality of access for all, but also for more sustainable abundance for all
  • The wise embrace of technology will hugely benefit everyone
  • Uplifted businesses, uplifted economies, uplifted education, uplifted politics
  • Uplifted relationships and uplifted social contract
  • Uplifting the environment too – greater wellbeing for all sentience
  • Not “Fully Automated Luxury Communism” but “Fully Automated Luxury Society”

Active transhumanism

  • Harnessing the radical transition of the human condition
    • Transcending ages-old limits of biology, psychology, sociology, and philosophy
  • The future can be much better than the past, and much better than the present
  • Avoiding complacency or fatalism – the future is in our hands
    • Not “technological determinism” but “transhuman determinism”
  • Not just ideas or wishful thinking, but concerted human action
  • Championing science, data, openness
  • Individual empowerment, mutual responsibility, and social welfare
  • Click here to find out more about transhumanism

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