Three weeks of progress

Strictly speaking, Future Surge is less than three weeks old.

Our Twitter account dates from 13th September.

Our Discord dates from 12th September.

And our website dates from 11th September.

In these three weeks, we’ve already gone through significant improvements.

We’re retiring our first graphical design, and have rolled out our second one. (Thanks to everyone who provided constructive criticisms of the first design!)

The website itself has been restructured and enhanced

  • Some pages are simpler than before (e.g. the Home page)
  • A set of new pages has been introduced, including Worldview, FAQ, and Resources
  • The Connect page now includes an option for joining Future Surge as a subscriber (annual fee UKP £25)
  • Quite a few pages remain “under construction”, but that construction is proceeding at pace.

In parallel, pages from the Vital Syllabus educational project are being reconstructed in their own new standalone website, with links to and from Future Surge.

From another point of view, however, Future Surge is nearly eight years old. It first came to life as the Transhumanist Party UK. The reasons for renaming, reorienting, and rejuvenating the organisation, as Future Surge, are covered in (where else?) one of the sections in our FAQ page.

The short answer to that question is: we’ve got some very big ambitions. And this is the right time to act on them.

That brings us to another set of activities that have been happening over the last three weeks: materials and resources from the older form of the organisation are being selectively upgraded and enhanced in their transfer into Future Surge.

This includes the episodes of the Humanity Unshackled audio podcast, which you can now find on the Future Surge Media page.

Members of the Transhumanist Party UK with active subscriptions are all being contacted and invited into the new form of the organisation, as subscribers to Future Surge.

What’s next? And what is the bigger thinking behind these transformations?

That’s the subject of what will be the second audio (voice) meeting on the Future Surge Discord, which will be taking place from 8pm UK time on Tuesday 4th October.

All members and friends of Future Surge are welcome to join that event. As the organisation starts to develop its stride, you’ll be able to hear what’s happening, raise questions, and offer your suggestions. Plus we can get to know each other better. (Or if you are feeling shy, you can keep quiet in the background!)

The link to join the event is in the Discord. And the invite to join the Discord is here, on the Connect page of the website.

For other news items from Future Surge, see Future Surge News

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