A new initiative is getting started. It’s a reorganisation of various transhumanist projects, aspirations, and resources, in the UK, into a dynamic new form named Future Surge.

The headlines on the Future Surge website read as follows:

  • Revitalising the social and political landscape
  • Enabling a dramatically better future for all
  • Active transhumanism
  • Neither right nor left but up
  • Technology in service of sustainable superabundance

A number of pages are already taking shape, including

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of this reorganisation. Take a quick look at what’s already in place. Then head on over to our Discord server, to hear what other people are saying about Future Surge. On that server, you’ll also be welcome to

  • Suggest activities
  • Comment on other people’s ideas
  • Connect to people who share some of your interests
  • Hold voice calls – organised and/or spontaneous
  • Or simply to lurk, to gain a better understanding of the possibilities

Although our initial focus is on policy campaigns within the UK, we’ll welcome friends and supporters from around the world.

To get off to an especially quick start, you can join the voice call that will be taking place on the Voice General channel of our Discord server, at 8pm UK time this Wednesday, 14th September.

(To find events in Discord: they’re listed in the side panel, above the list of channels.)

We look forward to hearing your comments!

For other news items from Future Surge, see Future Surge News

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