The future isn’t just about being able to jump into rocket ships – or flying cars – and transporting our human dramas to new locations high above the ground. Instead, the possibilities are a lot weirder. And what can help us wrap our heads around these prospects is to revisit some of the fairy stories that variously frightened us and thrilled us when we were children.

That’s the suggestion of futurist and author D.J. MacLennan, the guest on Episode 10 of Humanity Unshackled. That episode opens with the surprising claim that the future will be more fairy tale than science fiction. In this way, D.J. challenges us to be more open-minded about the types of change that may soon arise. He goes on to say, “we don’t know how good things can get”.

The conversation covers the two books written by D.J. and includes a range of eclectic tangents. You’ll hear about D.J.’s encounters with transhumanism, cryonics, zen, and, yes, fairy tales. Show co-hosts Rusty Burridge and David Wood add their perspectives on the possible bright and grim futures envisioned by D.J. – or should that be “Grimm” rather than “grim”?

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Published on 16th September 2022.

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